10 Questions to ask your Wedding Venue

10 questions to ask your wedding venue
Photo courtesy of Rich Miller photography

Often the wedding venue you choose can set the theme/style of your entire wedding

When booking or looking at a potential wedding venue it can often be overwhelming, trying to remember what you need to ask.


For each couple there may be specific things to ask but these are 10 questions/things you may want to consider to get you started

1. Location – is the venue close to where you and your guests live? Often if guests need to travel to the venue you may need to consider providing some sort of transport for them.


2. Size of the venue – before you visit a venue it is often a good idea to write your guest’s list for both day and evening. If a venue is unable to accommodate these numbers it may be a case of needing to keep looking, or changing your guest list.


3. Can you marry at the venue – if you are looking to have all of your celebrations at the one venue it is important to ask whether the venue is licenced to carry out weddings. There may also be an extra fee to pay for this for registrars etc


4. Exclusivity – are you able to have sole use of the venue to celebrate your big day. 


5. Availability – if you have your heart set on a particular date this is often the most important question to ask. If they are not available on your date you will need to find an alternative venue


6. Parking – are you and your guests able to park at the venue


7. Rooms – are there rooms available for your guests to stay? This can sometimes be important if the venue is a distance away and guests have had to travel. Also ask if the guests receive a discounted rate as they are attending the wedding


8. Noise restrictions – some venues have a noise restriction which can be a problem if you are looking to hire a live band or group


9. Recommended suppliers – a venue will often have a list of recommended suppliers they use on a regular basis. This can often be very useful in terms of venue dressers, DJs, transport as the suppliers will already be aware of the venue layout, location etc


10. Accessibility – this can be an important question should you have any guests with mobility issues



I hope these questions have given you lots of things to think about when going to look at a potential venue.


The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the experience. 



10 questions to ask your potential wedding venue
Photo courtesy of Rich Miller Photography

Remember the staff are there to help and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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