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First dance or first sway?

first dance or first sway

The first dance can fill couples with dread. Everybody staring at them on the dancefloor and not having a clue what to do to fill the 3 minutes! Do we just sway? Shuffle around in a circle, “Turn me! Turn me!” whispers and then the awkward turn to guests to say come and join us … please!
However, it doesn’t need to be like that.


Some of you will love that three minutes on the dancefloor, confident enough to sway, have a spin around and enjoy the time together. But if you don’t, you can easily learn.

Why have a dance lesson?

Why not? Dance is a skill for life. You will be able to use these dance skills at any event for the rest of your lives. It’s not about learning a set dance style, it’s about being confident to be on the dancefloor in the first place.
When teaching wedding dance I will always keep in mind aspects that other dance teachers may not have thought about. Not all movements will be possible with your dress. So rather than teaching you those I will teach you what is possible and ‘tricks’ to deal with dancing in a wedding dress!


In my first, and sometimes only session with a new couple, I like to go through as many movements as possible. Different foot steps to get you off the spot, a variety of turns, leans and even lifts. We then film it on your phone so you can look back on it all afterwards.
By learning lots of steps we can work out what you both like to do, and what you both look great at doing. Salsa to waltz, box steps to jive turns. We can use all the best parts of all the dance styles and mix them together to create a wonderful dance for you to WOW on the dancefloor. The simplest moves can have the best effects, but the confidence to do them in the first place is what makes you look incredible together.

Once you have had that first lesson, some decide they would like the steps in ‘an order’ which they can put to their song. So in another couple of sessions we do just that. Simple order with the moves you like, in an order you can remember – Because let’s be honest, your first dance is three minutes of your life! We aren’t competing in Blackpool but just want to show off on the dancefloor, learn a new life skill with your fiancé and wow in your last ‘obligation’ of the wedding day!

Something ‘different’

Weddings are a celebration of the two of you. They should reflect you as a couple. A wonderful way to do this is with a ‘surprise dance’. From a 90s mashup to a ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ recreation. Dirty dancing or pulp fiction routine. Or just a song that isn’t traditionally a first dance song! Your wedding, your rules!
At a recent wedding fayre I discussed how there are no rules for what moves you want to include. Forward roll? Go for it? Knee slide? Why not. Sit on the floor? Sure!
I am yet to have a request that I can’t create something special too.

How, when and where!?
The lead up to the wedding can be very busy and expensive. Paying off final balances, fittings and confirmed numbers. But this is the perfect time for dancing. Bringing some fun back into it all.
6-8 weeks before is my suggestion and then have a lesson per week if you want a more complicated routine but also gives people who just want a single lesson plenty of time to get to grips with their new skill. Sessions are available 7 days a week, morn, noon and night!

So where? 

You don’t need as much space as you think. Usually a kitchen/diner or a front room is ample space. This also means you are in the comfort of your own home, with a beverage of your choice (to help boost the confidence possibly!) It also makes it easier to fit it in your busy schedules.
If this isn’t possible I will help you find a local venue. Church halls, community rooms are great resources and usually £10-15 per hour.

The last detail you need to think about is your song!
This should be personal to you, a song that just makes you both smile. Regardless of whether it is romantic or not. Slow or quick. Instrumental or with lyrics.
I have had couples selecting songs from films they love, songs they remember from when they first met, songs by bands they love…
My advice is to create a wedding playlist. Add all the songs you both love to it. If you don’t use it for your first dance you will also need songs for walking down the aisle both as a bride and as a couple, three songs for when you sign the register and then songs to play while your guests await your arrival and during your wedding breakfast!

Don’t be scared of the dance floor. It is so easy to learn some moves, and even easier when you are taught just the two of you in your own home. No pressure and I can stand side by side with you to help.
Ultimately – it is three minutes of your life so have fun with it and remember dance is a skill for life!

Kristina @ wedding dance chester

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first dance or first sway

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