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How to Choose your Wedding Colours

How to choose your wedding colours

How to Choose your wedding colours is quite often the first and most important decision when planning your wedding.


The colour you choose can often determine the theme for the whole wedding


There are a number of things you can consider when choosing your wedding colour


The seasons is one of the easiest ways to choose your wedding colours and can often make choosing decor e.g. flowers easier as these colours are easily accessible this time of year

Spring – pale pink, mint green, lavendar, 

Summer – yellow, orange, fuschia,  

Autumn – brown, orange, burgundy, 

Winter – sky blue, red, green, gold, silver, 


Do you or your partner have a favourite sports team?


This can be a really easy colour decision if this is the theme for the wedding. Is it red or blue?


This can often be a really fun theme and is really to easy to coordinate with invitations and accessories

personalised football wedding invitations

Favourite colour

Some couples choose to go with something as simple as their favourite colour for their wedding theme. (this is exactly what I did)

Things to consider


1: Are you going to be able to match everything to your colour? I often have couples who want their wedding stationery to match their colour exactly. This is often very difficult if it is a very specific shade of a colour. They sometimes bring a colour swatch of their bridesmaid dresses to me but we often have to go with best fit, as card and ribbon are only available in certain colours

2: Bridesmaids. What are your bridesmaids going to look like wearing that colour. 

3: Groom and groomsmen – Are your men willing to wear pink for example

Wedding planning tips


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