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Keepsake Memory Frame

So you have had your big day.

You have opened the gifts and cards.

The big question is what do you do with all the cards other than store them in a box in the attic?

Why not turn them into a keepsake memory frame and be reminded of your wonderful day every time you look at it 

keepsake memory frame

It is such a shame to store your wedding cards away never to be seen again. Some wedding cards have such beautiful imagery


A Keepsake Frame makes such a feature and is such a talking point of any room. 


Could be displayed in a family room or you could display in your bedroom

Not Just for Weddings

A keepsake frame is not just for wedding

Why not use your cards from a birthday, Christening, birth, anniversary or even first home

Every event in our lives is a moment to be treasured

Why not have a feature wall to celebrate all these special occasions

For more information or to order your memory keepsake frame get in touch with Gemma

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Memory Keepsake Frames




memory keepsake frame

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