Why Choose a Celebrant?

It can be a tricky decision to decide who it going to carry out your ceremony.

If you are looking for someone to carry out your wedding, but you may not be looking for a traditional registrar, you may want to consider a celebrant

Sarah Boalch is based in North Wales and provides a service unique to your needs

What Is A Wedding Celebrant?

A wedding celebrant is someone who will create and perform bespoke wedding and vow renewal ceremonies to reflect each individual couple. They will work with you to ensure your celebration is exactly how you have imagined. A celebrant can offer you a completely unrestricted ceremony and could perfect for you if you:

* Love the idea of a ceremony which is more modern, fun, and relaxed

* Love being outdoors and would love to say your vows outside

* Love the thought of holding your ceremony inside a marquee or tipi

* Love the idea of a ceremony you and your guests will all enjoy and interact with

These are just a few of the many, many reasons why celebrants are becoming more popular – quite simply, they will give you much more choice!

The most exciting thing about a celebrant wedding is, it can look as close to or as far from a traditional wedding as you want. You can still walk down the aisle, exchange vows and rings, you can even sign a certificate, it will be completely tailored around you.

So, what’s the catch? Well, most people don’t realise its the paperwork that makes your marriage legal, not the ceremony! So all you have to do is sign your marriage certificate separately and you free yourself up to a world of choice!

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